Mike Marshall

Mike Marshall is a Detroit bassist who has a history that goes back to the sixties.

After playing in his early teen years he caught a show featuring blues harp player, James Montgomery and found his direction.

Mike met drummer Greg Calder, and singer Johnny Angelos both during this time period. In 1969 Mike met blues singer and harpist Garfield Angove and continues to play with him today. It was with Garfield that Mike met and played with many Chicago blues greats. Through these meetings the list of musicians and associations in music has grown. In 1973 Mike joined the Detroit rock group The Mutants and recorded for Warner Brothers. In 1976 Mike joined up with Robert Gillespie and former MC5 frontman Rob Tyner to form the Rob Tyner Group. After leaving the Tyner group Mike reunited with Robert Gillespie and Johnny Angelos another former blues singer/harpist and formed the Torpedos. In the late 70’s and 80’s Mike played with The Finnz , Tapert and Sparling, Bob Catfish Hodge, Karen Monster and Bootsy X and the Lovemasters. In the 90’s Mike joined Mimi Harris and the Snakes for five years.

Mike continued in the 2000’s playing with Garfield Angove’s Garfield Blues Band which led to meeting guitarist Paul Carey and drummer / band leader R.J. Spangler. Through R.J. Spangler Mike met a whole new group of Detroit artists with origins that date to the 50’s and the Fortune record label. Playing with R.J.’s Rhythm Rockers afforded Mike the opportunity to back singer /Pianist Joe Weaver, guitarist Johnny Bassett, singer Alberta Adams and the Motor City Pioneers featuring Kenny Martin and Stanley Mitchell. In 2009 Mike appeared at the Apollo Theater with Alberta Adams who first performed there in 1959 with Dizzy Gillespie. The association with the Great Detroit artists has led to performances across Canada the U.S.A. and Europe.

In 2010 Mike has now reunited with Robert Gillespie and Greg Calder to form the Detroit Daggers. It is a unique style of music for everyone involved. The idea for the Daggers is to play and try to convey each of our personalities through song selection and individual style.